Virtual Snapshots

Stretching Your Styled Stock Photos Further

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Not so long ago, when content was everything – really, truly, everything that was needed for a great blog, untold number of visitors and a host of buyers, visual presentation wasn’t something to worry too much about. Nifty little plug-ins that let you display your photos in neat orderly rows were all the craze, and an occasional witty Photoshop collage found somewhere on the Internet was sufficient to propel your posts into Google stratosphere.

Make no mistake, content is still king. The only difference is that King nowadays must have all his gear with him, ermine fur and scepter included, if he wants to be recognized as such and paraded around the social media sites. More info

VectorZine Web Site

Re-Create, Re-Design, Re-Work, Re-Upload – RE-Everything

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What a week! Breaking our backs – and heads – to get up, back and running again with new configuration and fresh content.

One Wrong Turn…

Ever heard people say for someone he “took one wrong turn” and look at the mess he’s in now? They might as well have been talking about us, designers, graphic artists and enthusiast behind the VectorZine project. More info


5 Ways to Make Your On-Line Gallery Sell (Part 1)

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So, how’s your online gallery doing these days?

*These days* here refers to few major companies and a myriad of smaller agencies which run and, effectively, OWN the image market today.

The web is over-saturated with images. A portfolio with several thousand images, even several tens of thousands is a mere drop in the ocean on the market where a single agency offers over 60 million images, and an equivalent of your and my entire portfolio of new images each day. More info

Tuning In Celestial Whispers

Creating During Mercury Retrograde Phase

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We were in one of those phases until few days ago, you know. Mercury was retrograding in the earth sign of Taurus until May 22. Then it stopped and stayed frozen for a while, before starting to move forward again.

As much as I prefer not knowing what Mercury is doing, and despite my stubborn refusal to believe in astrology or read too much into it, I’ve learned to recognize certain unmistakable signs of Mercury butting into my life uninvited. More info

Burned-out Designer

Exhaustion or Universe Telling You to Slow Down?

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Kevin Whipps just wrote a memorable piece How to Take Care of a Burned Out Designer over at Creative Market blog.

Being a designer can be a lot of fun, but there are definitely times when the bad outweighs the good. From impatient clients to frustrating computer issues and everything in between, it can start to hang around your shoulders like a weight, bringing you down.


If it Feels Like Running Through Molasses…

These, however, are also the signs of Universe telling you to slow down or just STOP whatever you’ve been failing at, while pushing with all your might. Stop for a while, not completely, of course. Step back and slow down until Mercury is in its retrograde cycle. More info