Cafe de Paris, Typeface with Bonus

Cafe de Paris, typeface sweet as pie
Cafe de Paris Display TypefaceBonus: Paris-themed vector setGreeting cards, invitations, visiting cards made using Cafe de Paris fontCreate your products for sale: Cafe de Paris typeface on framed art and canvas bag

Project Description

Cafe de Paris, typeface sweet as pie, is a cheerful, romantic font, that makes you want to say happy things – or learn French :))

Light and playful, inspired by the hand lettering on vintage shop signs and posters, Cafe de Paris allows you to play with shading of both the upper and lowercase glyphs, as I did here (click on panels above to see examples), and experiment with textures and styles, from soft watercolor to the sketchy outlined look.

Cafe de Paris font includes interpunction, multilingual characters and eight decorative glyphs which require access to a glyphs panel.

Project Details

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