Vector Watercolor Kit

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Project Description

Using vectors to create watercolor effects is all but an impossible proposition. Pure math, vectors are crisp, clean and clear, which are all wonderful features – until you want a more random, swirly, natural look to your graphics, while preserving vectors’ unique scalability with no loss of quality. To create a vector watercolor effect in Illustrator you would either use an autotraced raster image, or go through a tedious process of creating multiple gradient mesh blotches with varying opacity. All painful and taking forever to execute.

Until now.

Vector Watercolor Kit is created entirely in Illustrator, using only vectors – no rasters whatsoever – to give you a 100% vector output. After banging my head against the wall for the longest time, I figured out the way to have fully scalable, resizible, re-colorable watercolor swatches in Illustrator that can be applied to any vector shape with a single click. And I’m very excited to share it with you!

Project Details

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